Folding Arm Awnings

Franciaflex Awnings - France

Franciaflex is a top quality European made awning with up to date technology and strict specifications.   You can be sure Franciaflex awnings are built to last!  Options of wall or soffit fixture, manual or motorised, wind sensor or motion sensor, hood or cassette to protect fabric are all available depending on your situation.   

Horizon Monobloc | Fetuna Cassette

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folding-arm---01 folding-arm---02 folding-arm---03 folding-arm---04 folding-arm---05 folding-arm---06.jpeg folding-arm---07 folding-arm---08 folding-arm---09 folding-arm---10 folding-arm---11 folding-arm---12 folding-arm---13 folding-arm---14 folding-arm---15 Folding arm - 17 Fetuna cassette Folding arm - 16 Fetuna cassette folding-arm---15 Folding arm - 18 Fetuna Cassette